Comments from the May 2010 Workshop


"This workshop was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I studied art in college, but now spend most of my time and creative energy in the field of Public Relations.  I wanted to take this class to get myself over the hurdle and back to painting again for myself.  From this workshop, I hoped for a chance to paint for 3 days, to learn from a professional artist whose work I admired, and to work with a group of other artists who were there for the same thing.  I got all that and more!    While there, I learned how to use color to it's best advantage, compose a dynamic image, and to consider carefully how the values and hues I place on the canvas relate to each other.  These things are so important to creating a great painting and yet there were no lessons like these in any of my art classes in college.  I would recommend this workshop with great enthusiasm to anyone who wants to work in a supportive environment with a great teacher."  Sarah Swenty
"Thanks again for the wonderful class George. I'm still floating on cloud nine with memories of it all,"    Ken Nielsen
Hi George,   “Thank you for the wonderful 3 day workshop I had last week in Murphys. After I got home and looked at the work I've done, I was amazed to realize how much I learned last week with you: composition, hue, value, intensity. All 3 paintings I have done under your guidance, looked better than everything I've done before. Thank you again and I am looking forward to see you in September.”    Vas Alexander