by George Allen Durkee

I thought I could hold this one in, but I guess not.

I am not making this up . . .

A guy walks into our gallery carrying a briefcase and an armload of national art magazines, not listening, not questioning - talking and talking. (Not even glancing at the art.) He wants me to spend thousands of dollars for a series of ads in his magazine. For this, they will run a "special three page feature profile." In full color. "Not just anyone is offered this."

Gee . . . editorial content for sale.

Ever notice how in art magazines the feature articles seem to correspond to the paid advertisements? Do you wonder why that is?

Is this what it's come to? You just give someone money and they'll rave in print about how wonderful your art is? Is this the art world of today?

I have devoted my entire adult lifetime to the pursuit of quality art. I have encouraged others to do the same. And I've received my share of public exposure. But I have never, not once, paid off anyone.

In the radio and music industry, payola was outlawed over fifty years ago. But in the art business of today, it looks to me like payola is in full swing. I am so disappointed in those of my starving-for-notoriety "colleagues" who go along with this deceptive practice. This is not art. And - don't kid yourself - neither is it the recognition of art.

I just needed to say it out loud.

Sleep well, dear compatriots,
George Allen Durkee

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